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Message from Nancy

Recently I received a letter from an area attorney that made my day. I was flattered that someone took time to compliment the work my staff and I perform everyday. He wrote:

"Once again I take this opportunity to thank you for the professionalism demonstrated by your office as well as the professional assistance that you and your staff give the attorneys of the Williamson County and Travis County Bar Associations."

I hope this describes the experience of everyone who comes into contact with the Williamson County Clerk's office.

Years ago when I was seeking this office I told voters I wanted to make the Williamson County Clerk's office the best County Clerk's office in Texas. Since I came from the private sector, it was my goal to operate the clerk's office more like a business. I wanted it to exhibit the kind of professionalism that a business must demonstrate in order to succeed.

I hope you will look to the right under "Accomplishments" to learn about the changes we have made. I believe these improvements have made it easier for you and others to work with the County Clerk's office.

I want you to know that I really enjoy serving the people of Williamson County. I have made a lot of progress toward making the Williamson County Clerk's office the best in Texas. I am proud of these accomplishments, but I also realize there is still much to be done.

Soon I will be announcing my campaign plans for 2010. I need your support. If you agree with the changes I have made and believe I am doing a good job, I hope you will support my re-election.

I always welcome input on ways to improve what we are doing in the County Clerk's office. If you have suggestions or ideas, please call me at 943-1515 or email me at

Thank you for visiting my web site. I hope you will tell your friends about it.

Nancy Rister
Williamson County Clerk


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Nancy Rister carried every precinct in the November 1998 General Election and won 81.74% of the votes.


Read Nancy's Tribute to President Ronald Reagan at Williamson County's annual Reagan Day Dinner


Nancy Rister has made the Williamson County Clerk's office more efficient and user friendly:


Second office in the county to accept credit cards for payment of fines, court costs, recording fees and filing fees.


Had the Official Public Records as well as the index for birth, death and marriage licenses, Commissioner's minutes and backup information put on the Internet for convenience of the users of the information.


All plats filed with the county are now scanned in with a wide format scanner which makes it easier to read.


Older records from 1848 forward are being scanned into database as well as the older hand written records are being encapsulated for their protection.


Won 2001 Best Practices Award from Tx. Assoc. of Counties for research and getting the county's newly created wet/dry (liquor) map onto the county website for TABC enforcement issues and use by entrepreneurs to choose the best location for potential businesses.


Won 5 star award from Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics for 10 years in a row.


Added e-recording capability to make it easier, faster and more secure to record deed records, releases and assignments.

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